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Dizziness and Balance Disorders
Dizziness and balance disorders are fairly common. They can be caused by a variety of things including visual dysfunction, vestibular injury or disease, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and sinus infection to name a few. We work with a neuro-otologist, physical therapist, vestibular therapist, and vision therapist to address dizziness and balance disorders. We work in a multi-discipline dizziness and balance clinic for the evaluation and treatment of these disorders.

Dizziness and Balance Problems Related to Vision
Vision plays a significant role in maintaining good balance. Approximately twenty percent of the nerves from the eyes go to and interact with the vestibular (balance) center of the brain. There are a variety of visual dysfunctions that can cause, or associate with dizziness and balance problems. Sometimes these are purely visual problems, and sometimes they are caused from other disorders such as stroke, head injury, vestibular dysfunction, deconditioning, and decompensation. Read more...

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